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Swing Dancing and Line Dancing Lessons

Learn line dancing with your wedding party, or learn swing dancing for a fun father-daughter, mother-son, OR bride-groom first dance. Sweetest of memories!

Swing Dance Lessons for Couples: $100/hour (includes two instructors)

Line Dance Lessons for Couples or Groups: $50/hour

Preparing for a Wedding Evening of Dance

Our approach to dance tutorials goes beyond teaching steps. We focus on personalized attention, ensuring every couple feels at ease, tailoring lessons to fit individual comfort and skill levels. Moreover, as wedding planning can often be a whirlwind of tasks and decisions, our lessons offer couples a breather—a space where they can bond, have fun, and prepare for that special dance.

Trust Poppies and Peonies to make your wedding dance resonate with emotion, elegance, and energy. Whether you choose a father-daughter swing dance or need help being line-dance ready, we’re here to make your dance floor moments truly special.

Mastering the Rhythms of Swing Dancing

Imagine stepping onto the dance floor on your wedding day, moving effortlessly to the lively beats of swing music. With roots in the 1920s Jazz era, swing dancing offers a spirited and dynamic way to celebrate your union or to have a memorable and fun dance with a parent. The twirls, lifts, and energetic steps of swing are bound to make your first dance as a couple an unforgettable spectacle. And with Poppies and Peonies, you'll not only learn the steps but also the confidence to shine in the spotlight.

Line Dancing: Every Guest's Chance to Shine

Beyond the couple's dance, ensuring your guests have a fantastic time is crucial. Line dancing provides that communal atmosphere where everyone, regardless of age or dancing skill, can participate. Since everyone follows the same set steps, it becomes a collective experience, fostering camaraderie and joy. At your wedding, line dancing can turn the dance floor into a pulsating heart of shared rhythms and fun.

What We Bring to the Dance Floor

As the grateful owner of Poppies and Peonies, I also have decades of dance experience, including classical ballet training, much study of mixed genres of dance, performing with two ballet companies, and ten years of providing dance instruction, which includes teaching a precious teenage generation the joy-giving art of shag and swing dancing.  Our youngest son excels at swing dancing, and even though I initially taught him, he is amazing at mastering new swing combinations…now he teaches me!  We made the sweetest memories on the dance floor at his wedding during our Mother-Son dance, but first, he danced beautifully with his bride!  We are glad to give you that gift, as well.

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