About Poppies and Peonies

Welcome to Poppies and Peonies!

My name is Whitney Skipper. I am wife to Greg and mom to four adult children. We lived a busy homeschooling life for 16 years, and now flowers and geometry fill my working moments.

Flowers, dance, and geometry are the languages of my soul. But my truest delights are time with my husband, my kiddos, and my Lord. I need travel and adventure for refreshment, but those needs are balanced with a great delight in being at home, watching the sunset, walking the dog, and fellowshipping with friends. I go nowhere, down the street or across the nation, without noticing the beauty of nature around me.

Oh, the endless joy of being surrounded by flowers!

Our Mission

To warm your table or lavish your wedding or event with graceful natural creations and to do so creatively and professionally, adding grace and joy to your world.

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