Arrangement Options

Floral arrangement and design is an intricate blend of art and nature. Each arrangement represents a carefully curated composition, balancing color, form, aroma, and texture to produce a sensory masterpiece. At Poppies and Peonies, we pride ourselves on mastering this craft, ensuring every creation evokes emotion and elegance.

An arrangement isn’t solely about the flowers. Incorporating varied foliage adds depth, contrast, and a touch of the unexpected. These green elements, seamlessly woven into our designs, elevate the overall look and feel of each creation and add colorful nature to every occasion.

Selecting a professionally designed arrangement means embracing both beauty and sentiment. Our creations don't just enhance spaces; they convey feelings, from celebratory joy to heartfelt condolences. Additionally, our expertise ensures longevity, allowing the arrangement's charm to grace your space for an extended time.

Poppies and Peonies stands at the intersection of nature's beauty and artistic expression. Our dedication to the art of floral design guarantees every arrangement speaks volumes, transforming spaces and moments into cherished memories.



Treat size arrangements

in unique pieces...

Wonderful gifts!

Petite Silver



Small arrangements

in charming silver vessels.

Perfect keepsake gifts.

Small Arrangements


Special vessels

overflowing with flowers and greenery...

perfect for a gift, table, or office!

Medium Arrangements


Taller and/or fuller arrangements,

usually in unique vessels.

A wonderful, slightly larger gift

for a lovely display.

Silver Vessel



Character-filled, timeless

silver pieces

brimming with flowers of your choice.

Large Arrangements $95-$110

A tall, elegant, overflowing arrangement, usually in a large glass vessel...appropriate for an event, dining room buffet, or focal point.

Extra Large Arrangements $145-185

Overflowing and abundant with flowers...

appropriate for large spaces, weddings, events, and funerals

(Size, fullness, & flower type may vary pricing)

Our Very Largest


For Filling Vast Spaces


Oversized arrangments

appropriate for

weddings, special events,

or funerals.

(Size, fullness, & flower type may vary pricing)

Wrapped Bouquets


Beautifully wrapped bouquets,

ideal for gifts, recitals, and thank you's.


Compote Arrangements


Artsy, unique, floral art-pieces,

perfect for table centerpieces, focal points, gifts,

or entryways.

(Vessel choice may affect pricing.)

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